Walking to Bomun

Friday | December 7th, 2012


Bomun Lake (best explanations here and here) is maybe a 20 minute car ride away. I always think of it as being much farther, like the distance from Nowon to Gangnam. Seven years of living in one of the largest cities in the world completely fucks with your head. The short car ride is also a reasonable walk as last Sunday’s dog-walk adventure showed me.

Even in the semi-desolate encroaching winter, there is beauty along the way both in the human-made necessities like bridges, the urban necessities like sports fields, and the oddities which result when nature wraps around or pushes up against these people things.

This about where we decided to stop. It’s probably another 10-15 minutes (or perhaps even less) to get to the bottom of the lake. Crossing to the other side of the river and walking back, there are these marker boulders (below) with animals and scenes carved into them and painted. Some of them are really pronounced and interesting.

I skipped a few of the more boring ones on this walk, but the one I really like is of two roosters or a rooster and another bird (I’m not certain). Twice I’ve seen this carving and really liked it but not remembered that I have a camera on me to snap it. Both times, when I got to the second boulder it dawned on me that this was a theme for the park on this side of the river and I remembered to get the camera out.

Daily Report

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