Friday | December 28th, 2012


What I’ve taken away from all this TOEIC nonsense is that when someone says anything regarding planning they are a liar. Last time it was all computer disaster; test making disaster; training me, the trainee, disaster; headset disaster; and other mini-calamities that weren’t quite disaster worthy at the time but now, looking back, are more standard operating calamity than goof-up (e.g. Day 126 and Day 133 and maybe Day 121. Today wasn’t much different.

We had a lab with working headsets, then we didn’t have a lab because it was decided that we would use the lab in the library. Get into the library and I immediately like the set up … but it doesn’t come with headsets. Use the crappy 10 million years old headsets from the summer camp? I say. But there aren’t enough to cover all the classes, I say. We have a class with 14 students, but my bag of secretly hoarded Radio Shack™ tech from the 1980s only has 11 working headsets, what will become of those three students?

It was like watching a hamster run in his wheel then panic and start choking down water from the dispenser … The teachers will need to buy three more, says Poochie. Yeah, I’ll deliver that bit of news in a padded suit. There’s cheap and then there’s just plain retarded when it comes to management.

This is something that goes into column B (retarded). If for anything it’s because it’s a perfect compliment to the aforementioned “computer disaster” where upon being kicked out of the lab that was reserved for TOEIC mayhem, I was dropped into a back up lab with barely enough and somewhat dodgy equipment that had been subjected to much student abuse and malware, and yet when forging ahead in a numbed, complaintless state, I got all the computers configured and then went to the next most important step: the sound check. Up until that moment, I was sure this would turn out alright, then the sudden realization, the shock, the checking of all the other computers I’d spent almost an hour configuring and syncing up … not a single computer had audio drivers installed. Not even magical TOEIC Testing Crack® from ETS could magically make the lab useful. So when Poochie is telling me that this lab will do, he’s only moving Brio Trains™ around a track, not conceptualizing why a child might like playing with that track, train, or just sucking on the wood because it tastes good.

Roll up to Friday and the first wide-eyed monkeys start to waft in to run through our little program and one of them has a computer malfunction. Instead of telling the test admin, this monkey starts jerking around with the fragile equipment (it’s fragile because it’s crap). The monkey pulls the headset out of the jacks on the computer by the wires and guess what … the jack stays in! Duh. This particular headset was one of the few that worked consistantly, had working sound in both ears, and the mike would saddle up to the face properly. So now down to 10 working headsets.

I guess the teachers will just have to go buy 4 now.

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