Things Around VII

Thursday | August 16th, 2012


Aside from California Beach, Gyeongju World has Gyeongju Tower a monolithic Star Trek-esque thingamajig. Whatever the purpose of Gyeongju Tower is, or was, there is no plaque around to tell me about it, so other than it’s badass spaceport design, I guess I get to make up my own stories.

Even the handy English brochure I was handed at the ticket counter doesn’t bother to give any background about why or to what end some group, body, or person would conceive of and then actually construct such a building. What my brochure does say is equally puzzling:

Gyeongju Tower is an excellent place to scope out the Gyeongju World Culture Expo Park and Bomun Lake. Especially, a great place to take pictures us 30 meters away from the main gate in the direction of Gyeongju Tower.

Yup. That’s helpful. Like wet popcorn … with strawberry drizzle. What other morsels of truth does the English pamphlet hold?

Gyeongju World Culture Expo Park, a fun, exciting edutainment place, provides an opportunity for you to enjoy a wide variety of impressive cultural events.

The view from the observation floor is great, you can see all of Gyeongju World’s “edutainment” perversions, Bomun Lake, the faux animatronica experience called Bomun Town, and all the other things bored rich people and college kids would want to play with.

Whatever the reason or function of Gyeongju Tower, I really dig the architecture of the building itself, but I was disappointed by the open part at the top. While you can stand under the tower and look up, you can’t look down through the glass at the top because the doors are locked. That’s a shallow disappointment. The deep disappointment comes with how plain the architecture is at the top (above, left). For such a ritzy structure with details like fancypants railing in the stairwells (above, middle) or the jagged stone path leading up to the tower or even the golden horse, the top is ridiculously simple, plain, and booorrrrrrring.

Under the observation floor is an exhibition hall about some old stuff. There is the usual assortment of ancient capital suspects here: a crown, a hanbok, some pots, and a token Buddha statue (above, right). The tried to hide Buddha, but I found him. The N-scale mockup of what the ancient capital really looked like was the only thing of keen interest. I assume, after studying the thing for a long time, that the tower in the center is the tower that is represented today as the ‘cut-out’ shape in Gyeongju Tower. I assume, but really, it’s only a guess.

The culture park around the tower doesn’t disappoint in the News of the Weird way. In fact, what park can truly be considered “complete” without a pirate ship (below, left), Skeletor (below, middle), and that killer of candy, the 2♠ (below, right).

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