Things Around III

Wednesday | May 23rd, 2012


A surprising amount of Gyeongju seems to look just like these two images above. I’ve seen the faux splendors of modern apartment contrete shoebox living too, but it’s no where in sight in my hood. Even in the neighborhoods I haven’t yet walked through where the typically bland Korean monolithic anti-home are cluster, they aren’t as tall, as opulent, or as filled as those in Seoul and Daegu. As I understand it, developers came in and built taller apartment buildings where they could, but no one in Gyeongju could afford to live in them, so they’re only partially filled. The developer reaction was to lower the prices and at least recoup some construction costs and maybe eek out a tiny profit, but the residents that did pony up the massive wads of won for the rights to be accepted into the concrete jungle freaked out at having their property values dropped and having to suddenly live near “lessor” folk. It’s like a delicate stalemate between the government, the residents, the developers, and true historic Korea. As much of Korea has already been bulldozed over and glammed up, I doubt that the government will relent and let Gyeongju fall any time soon.

All this hot stationery action is for photographs. I’m left wondering how well these albums sell. To me, if it’s not on the internet, it doesn’t exist. Everyone acted like this was true in the late 1990s, but it wasn’t true at all. Now it is and some people are still making photo albums. Why?

Koreans are known to most Westerners as those people that can’t pronounce the ‘l’ sound (e.g. Kim Jongil singing, “I’m so ronery”.). We wondered whether the proprietors of this store thought its name through or not. With the overtly commercial nature of the brands inside, perhaps it’s a double entendre.

This is the inside (left) and the doorman outside (right) for a gorilla themed eatery that had a pretty nice Japanese style pork cutlet. Although, while I was eating I kept thinking that there was a large elderly woman staring at me out of the corner of my eye. Each time I looked, it was only a gigantic stuffed gorilla with a goofy, yet menacing grin. He also had one buddy tacked to the ceiling and another looming over the AC. There was a kid who kept shouting ‘high-five’ at the big one, so the whole thing must not creep other people out the way it did me.

Daily Report

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This Old Hanok

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