Things Around II

Sunday | April 22nd, 2012


First the post images: (thumbnail) Looking upward on the main strip leading up to Gyeongju Station in downtown proper. (Hero) A neighborhood shop, its sign without a fluorescent backlight or any backing being lit up by the day’s setting sun.

The Tandy computer was Radio Shack’s® answer to the Commodore computer in the 80s. Long after the Tandy computer died, Tandy the uppity clothing franchise persists in SoKo with the same computer logo of the 80s.


(Left) Meow stopped for coffee here just before we located and drooled over the stationary stores. (Right) Some nice old buildings, but closed.

This sign is (to me) a lot of what Gyeongju is about: fatigue. Nearly everything around is peeling, flaking, cracked, split, aged, weathered, or ancient. There is none of the Seoul mind of constantly refacing, resurfacing, redoing, remodeling, repainting, or reimagining. Things are just left to be and exist and finish their time on this plain before shoving off. It’s very Buddhist if you think about it, and then it fits right in.

The buildings, colors, and styles differ, but the DIY nature of Korea is abundant in Gyeongju. Along with the fatigue, this enriches the scenery, elevating the city’s status as a tourist destination. Sure they come in droves for the tombs, temples, and cherry blossoms, but day and weekend visitors also snap all this probably because they think it’s kitsch.

(Left) Since 1970, meat and fresh people. (Right) A long look down the main strip to the station.

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