Super Reno-guy

Friday | September 28th, 2012


When things were all said and done and we had moved in, there was a short list of little things that needed sorting. Stuff like the bedroom needed a screen over its massive window to keep the mosquitoes out as Meow was getting sucked on every night. Stuff like we needed fancy faucets in the laundry room that would allow Meow to wash the dogs there and also route hot and cold to the washing machine (such faucets exist, by the way). Stuff like there was no way to plugin the washing machine without a clumsy extension cord running from another room. And so on. Reno-guy was such a monstrous pain that asking him for this crap meant a conversation about what we really wanted (like saying, ‘Hey, put a plug here.’ wasn’t what we really wanted) and him charging exorbitant prices.

Meow spent time hunting for another guy to do all these small things. Most people blew her off because the stuff we needed wasn’t worth much money. Super Reno-guy was the only one to come and look at this short list of stuff. Super Reno-guy told here that the list of stuff was so small, that he wouldn’t charge for his labor, just buy him some good lunch instead. Super Reno-guy upgraded himself from the predetermined Reno-guy II label to Super Reno-guy by asking Meow why Reno-guy didn’t finish his work on the back rooms.

When they put the ceiling in, then the molding, Reno-guy’s crew of cracked crackmeisters were supposed to put a seal against the edge of the molding and the wall … but they didn’t. This was about hour before Reno-guy was slated to (finally) be paid off as well.

Meow called Reno-guy and chewed his ears. He sent over a crew within ten minutes with a caulking gun. What was the reason for not caulking it all up weeks ago? They had no idea. They didn’t work on our house. Just more proof in the bucket that to save costs and maximize profits, Reno-guy had some pals and second-tier help work on our hanok. Many words come to mind …

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