Spring Tweaks

Saturday | June 15th, 2013


There’s a short list of small projects we’ve been waiting on for no real reason other than “we’d take care of it in June”. Well, here is June, so these things need doing. Getting the outside toilet working again was the first part of this. The other things include a screen on my window which faces the side of the house; tearing out the crappy pseudo-shed structure that sits in the corner of our property next to the boiler room and not much else; and most importantly, doing something with the gate that will give us more privacy.


The shed/bikeport thingy was just nasty and served no purpose for us whereas I’m sure the Korean who put it in thought it was just a fantastic idea. To really see what was being torn out, Day 339 has the shot.


Now with this thing gone, the whole corner of the lot really opens up. Meow can finally see my vision of putting a deck in this space. Originally, I’d thought a deck would go great here and this is where I’d land the composting apparatus, but today when the work was done and all the sunlight flowed in (above, top left) where there never has been any in the entire time we’ve looked at this house, I don’t wanna mess it up with stinky stuff. I’ll find another place to put the composter.

The other challenge is finding a home for the little pile of crap (above, bottom right) we managed to park under the old shed. Some of this can go behind the wall in the boiler room, I think.


Although we had the bathroom redone and totally revamped from the faucet-and-basin-only sewer-like washroom that it was, we didn’t have money at the time to change the window … or we didn’t think to until after the bathroom was finished.


This window though, it really stuck out when the bathroom was done. Then, right after we moved in, I was cleaning the window and one of the frames popped out of its very warped track and fell on the floor. I was able to tape it all back together, but it always looked sad.


To keep my room cool with (now) three computers, I’m going to have to open the window on the side. I’ve been doing that lately and it really brings all the moths, flies, and mosquitoes in. It was great to get a screen at last (above, left), but even more satisfying to see a former night buddy sadly stuck on the outside (above, right).


Meow and I have talked a lot about what we could do to our gate to keep other people’s eyes out. Most who walk down the narrow alley in front of our house peer over. A few fuckholes have even stopped to look and stare and talk. Others put their hand on the gate itself. The worse part is for the Naughty and Twitchy who must constantly cope with this nosiness and the sudden appearance of floating heads going by.

Super Reno-guy was doing all these tweaks today and was the one to suggest we just use word to heighten the gate (above, left). I also wanted them to take away the rusted and broken mailbox (another thing Meow and I discussed often). We, of course requested they replace it with something red (above, right).

And since we also get a ton of mail (more than we get for ourselves anyway) for the people who lived in our house before it was our house for the 20 or 30 years prior to our arrival, a nice final touch was to write our names on the new mailbox.


In the evening when I was checking out the corner again, I noticed the green duct tape sticking out of the wall. It was covering another faucet! I had no idea it was even there. Meow said she knew about it already (and was the one who covered it up last winter).

As I see it, I have a space that gets a lot of light—sun during the day and street lamp at night. This space also has a working drain (where Twitchy prefers to pee) and a working faucet. Deck + BBQ + fountain? There are lots of possibilities now.

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