Saturday | December 29th, 2012


River or not; lake or not, there’s an undeniable quality in this view (hero image, top; below, both). I know it’s manufactured in the best way that Korean architects, city planners, and meticulous gardeners know how to construct a picturesque landscape, but it’s still beautiful and captures light, shadows, weather, clouds, and wind differently nearly every time I walk by. As much as I might look at a painting for an hour and appreciate each stoke of brush, each layered color, this vantage point deserves the same consideration.


Then there is the water itself to consider (below). By not really moving, except when flooded, it too is molded by the surroundings and circumstances. Maybe I need to watch more rivers freeze over, but the way this one reacts to each spur of winter, leaves me reaching for more questions each time I look at it.


By what monster, what divinity does the ice crack like this (below, both)? Are those potholes the work of the ducks? Why do these spots not freeze over like the other parts of the water? Is the water in movement here? Is it somehow, by some resistance of incidences slightly warmer in these spots?


It looks like a meadow (below), but I know it’s mostly water. When crafting an experience or a vantage point, one must have a Buddhist building in the background. It’s quite possible there is a manual or style guide sitting in some government city planning office.


Lastly, the snowman (below, left) and the snowowl (below, right). There were tons of snowpeople about, there was that much snow—enough every Kim, Jo, and Bak to build something out of snow. That’s my new benchmark for snow: when everyone is inspired to get out and build, it has snowed a lot. The snowowl is Meow’s handiwork. She said she couldn’t find anything for eyes though.


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