Shim Shimmeny

Wednesday | September 19th, 2012


Since I couldn’t whack the hammer much on Tuesday night, I woke up as early as I could on my day off to get to the house and finish that up. I have a very limited amount of time available before Saturday (moving day, again, ughgddsdfffffp!). I needed to stick shims in all the stupid gaps left by reno-guy and his band of merry know-nothings and make some kind of wall in the boiler room to keep Naughty away from the insolation on the pipes (he’s a chewer, not a fighter). I also have to pack up some things before Saturday morning.

I didn’t even sweep up this time (skipped my shower too) (wished I still owned coveralls). I crawled right under and started tapping in shims. It’s sad, but some of the gaps are too big for one lowly shim to handle on its own (above, left and right).

I used some of the ‘t’ brackets I picked up yesterday to shore up the split structural beam and hopefully we can get 5-6 years out of this floor before that guy becomes an issue.

The other brackets were used to cut back on the wiggle that some of the legs had. Most of these were put in the side which will get the refrigerators.

A few shims had to be slid into odd places. This one (above) filled the gap between a support beam and the cement step from the original room.

The best part of this project was when I was contorted into some ridiculous yoga position underneath 30 cm of floor and the phone kept ringing. Of course this was Meow and of course she knew where I was and what I was doing and that there was no way I was going to spend five minute crawling out to answer the phone. She knew and that’s why she kept calling me. When I was on a break, with my head up for fresh air, she called. The big dealy was: reno-guy was coming and he didn’t have a key. During this call when I wasn’t hammering, I could here him banging on the gate.

Reno-guy and Meow talked for a few minutes, then Meow and I talked. Reno-guy’s task was simple: pick up your fucking trash and haul it away or no money. He also had to take a piece of junk wood (okay a low table with faux wood linoleum stapled to it) that MS and I had carried out of the house on Saturday because reno-guy said he couldn’t get it to fit out the doors! (Somewhere between a tool and a fool is reno-guy.)

Of course reno-guy was interested in what all the banging was and I tapped the box of shims and spaces his crew had left. Reno-guy tells me that the floor isn’t going to move and I don’t have to do that. I tried not to be rude, but really, the only word I understood was “refrigerator” and “no”. Normally I fair better with these ‘on-topic’ chats with Koreans. His accent is pure Gyeongju. I sort of ignored him and he went away. I sort of wanted to tell him that, no, the floor probably won’t go anywhere, but long-term, the way his guy built it, I’m not convinced. The whole frame uses nails driven into cement that isn’t in the greatest condition for support rather than legs which is how I was planning to build it. Over time, without the shims, sagging, warping, shifting would make the while thing fragile. With the shims it should last longer and not sag or shift. Okay, it might shift a little, but not much and not enough to fuck up the whole room which is what will happen with time and two refrigerators!

Reno-guy stayed long enough to get some chew-out from Meow, then said he’d come back on Thursday and pick up all the trash he and his buds carried outside our wall. He didn’t take out the paint roller that’s been sitting in water for two weeks. He said that was a gift for us. Something we can use …

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