Poo Junction

Monday | September 3rd, 2012


After all the arguing over toilets and pipes in the last few weeks, I kind of understand both how drainage systems work here and why the trade-brigade is so sensitive about changing it or working up a new way.

The pipe system for waste water at our house and probably all our neighbor’s houses and very likely much of the country is built around the same principles of slightly angled downward piping and these things I call “poo junctions” every (unspecified distance of) segment or so.

(Above) This is the waste water junction for our kitchen water. Once upon a time, the bathroom water (before when there was no toilet) flowed this way as well. All the junctions are a cover over a vertical tube or shaft where there is a break by design in the pipe.

Going clockwise (above): The cover in the courtyard; a Styrofoam cover with an insert; the insert lifted; the main Styrofoam lifted and revealing the water main. There also appears to be a dirty sock down in there. Maybe a towel too. Ick!

A genuine poo junction (above). This one was here when we bought the place. Same reveal as with the water main, left to right: the cover, a plastic plate really; the cover, I’m guessing that that crack and missing bit are gonna be bad news in the “many smells” department; the naked junction. There are three pipes in this poo junction. The two bigger ones come from the toilets. The left one is new and comes from the toilet in the remodeled bathroom. The one on the right comes straight out from the outside bathroom. The third, lower pipe, heads out to the sewer. This one has a lot of guck at the bottom.

The new poo junction (above) was installed with our new toilet piping. Whether it’s a bonus or by design, I don’t know. (Left to right) Cover on, cover off. This junction isn’t as deep as the others. I’m not concerned … just don’t know my poo junctions very well and wouldn’t know a bad poo junction from a good one. Time and smells will provide all answers, I suppose.

With four junctions, two of them for not poo, I can safely say that our house is a two poo junction.

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