Photography II

Thursday | March 29th, 2012


Following up on my “filters are cheating” mini-post, I’ve decided to add a feature to each Daily Report called “The Daily Bullet”. It is both a homage to this blog and the 30 days of posting—although as of this moment, Day 21 is still MIA, I think some demarcation is important (if only to signify some adjustment) because there are more than 30 posts here.

I also want to have a place for filtered images to validate them as a format of art, but not to integrate them as photography because I believe once software code is used to alter a photograph it is no longer a photograph. I view filtering differently from digital burning and dodging or tweaking the curves and levels as those techniques are imported descendants of darkroom practices. Those techniques are also straightforward and their objectives of use are the same ones for a photographer (or darkroom technician) would aim for.

Filtering, however, is much more random and the goal is to make a photograph acceptable, interesting, or just passible (e.g. cool). Even when the parameters of a filter can be affected via sliders in Photoshop or other software, the art of photography has ceased and as the process becomes one of art itself—absconding with a form or a source and altering it to fit within a desire, goal, or personal perception.

Shooting is at the camera level, but photography as a form continues into the darkroom with a physical product with which the photographer continues to work. Filters supplant that work with CPU cycles, something which the photographer takes no part. The output of that labor is itself new art and no longer a photograph.

As art, I want these images to have a venue here.

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