Photography I

Wednesday | March 28th, 2012


I didn’t have much time to shoot yesterday other than the images representing Day 29. To fill the gap, the one I perceive by failing to plug at least 4-5 photographs into every report, I took some duds from the past week and sinned on them. I used a filter app.

Basically, I think filters are stupid and a kind of cheat against straight photography (I also dispise cropping). But … not all photographs can be interesting, good, or unsucky. Filters can breathe life into a bad shot or one that has good content, but where the whites are blown out.

Here is a shot I took on the way home of the orangey sunset and an old lady carrying a box on her head. The iPhone light meter is not great (it can be tricked into doing cool stuff, see here and here), so the clouds blew out with absolute white and buildings fell too dark. I could take a few minutes and open Photoshop to fix this, but the shot isn’t that great to begin with.

Pretty much the same story here. I meant to shot B&W, but did color and it was so-so. The whites are too white and the blacks are too black and the blue … it’s changing the feeling of what I was seeing at that moment.

I thought this one would turn out better mostly because the first two going up the wall and shooting were alright. The iPhone failed to calculate the green values properly and the meter blew out the whites.

I’ve tried a lot of camera apps, most of them suck. There are a lot of filter apps as well and they all suck except for Plastic Bullet, which I used to make these alternate images. I downloaded it last year when it was free. When I have a crappy photograph that needs to be more, I go to Plastic Bullet. The filters in the app are random and there is no control over anything and I like that because it feels less like cheating. I find that while it is great for duds, it only does damage to “good” photographs. Compare the hero image to its counterpart.

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