Our House

Friday | August 3rd, 2012


This hanok is in pretty good condition, with a lot of the traditional accents and features still in place. Meow looked at a lot of other hanok that were pretty ratty. I saw a few that I thought would be great fixer-uppers, but the law required them to be restored to the pristine traditional style without modifications.

Fortunately, our house has no such restrictions. We can remodel it as we see fit, put on vinyl siding, or tear the whole thing down and build a villa. I don’t think we’ll ever tear it down though, we like it too much. Still, there are things we need to do (like put another window in the bedroom; below left) and get rid of those nasty fluorescent lights in every room (below right).

Much of the interior we are okay with. Things could be better, like vinyl mat flooring sucks, but these projects are set aside for later. Most likely we will tackle the interior room by room, probably at the rate of one room a year. (The house has four bedrooms and a kitchen / living room, so five years of remodeling?)

There are many things I love about our new house. To me (maybe just to my Western eye), the house is very classic. It has the “L” shape, the swooping roof, the outdoor bathroom / toilet bunker (ventilation pipe, below right), the gate, the wall, the wooden beams. Never ever did I think I would live in a place like this.

Another thing I like: any angle I look at this house from has a profusion of crags, curves, and details. I have a feeling that I will spend a lot of time (at least for a while) just looking at the house itself.

Daily Report

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This Old Hanok

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