Moving Day

Monday | February 27th, 2012


The dogs, Twitchy and Naughty, had to wait on the roof in -10 °C sunrise while the movers packed up our flat. I spent as much time with them as I could, but it was too cold to stand there for long periods. I brought the cage up from Naughty because he faints when he gets too cold, but we still had to wait for the movers to finish up so we could dope the dogs for the ride to Gyeongju.

I stayed up the night before until about 05.00 packing my horde and this box of things I wanted to find quickly, e.g. harddrives. I was more concerned with losing this box than anything else, I think. I made this box look special, but not so special that someone would steal it.

Somehow the movers got a ladder truck in the narrow street where we live in Seoul. They had to pull back the power lines and twist to the left when raising or lowering the platform, but they did it.

It took the movers about four hours to breakdown our flat. I wanted to get a bagel, but I didn’t get to the bagel shop early enough and the bagel girl was all sold out. I’m pretty sure there is no bagel bakery in Gyeongju. Perhaps I’ll open my own bagel shop someday.

That’s the bed; it breaks down to three pieces.

I slept most of the car ride down since I’d been up all night. THe dope we got for the dogs kept them from tossing their cookies, but little else. At some point at some rest stop, Meow shoved a Rotiboy in my face. It was no bagel.

The movers unloaded dumped everything in our new flat in about three hours. Then BIL drove everyone out to this famous tofu restaurant in the stick’s sticks only he wanted to eat at.

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