Millenium Falcon Style

Friday | September 7th, 2012


The pantry floor is built. For better or worse. Designed poorly or not. Splits and cracks or not. It’s done. It looks higher than I would like it to really be, but again, hard to argue with the done state of the room. Looking into the pantry from the kitchen (below) just emphasizes how much I want to knock out that wall with the plug and light switch to open the whole area up. Meow is on the fence about this and it’s definitely in the DIY box. If I do convince her that it’s the way to go with this space, it still won’t happen for at least two years.

The reno-guy and his crack team of amateur carpenters did pretty much what we wanted and what Meow and I fought over between ourselves. (I think we fought over this room more than any other.) We have a raised floor that is strong enough to support two refrigerators and has two panels which are removable so we can use the underside for storage. This is where we will store the kimchi to forment (someday).

(Above) more shots of the flooring and braces and the notable irritation of the water pipe being on different sides of the struts. Maybe we fought so much because this was a really cool idea. My house has a Millenium Falcon floor! (Sadly, my house can’t do the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs.)

Daily Report

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This Old Hanok

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