iPad for Me

Tuesday | July 30th, 2013


Right after the original iPad came out, Meow was on her first trip to America and completely irritated that I always had a laptop to use and see had nothing. So we went to Valley River Center and looked at the iPad and even though it didn’t even support Hangeul (yet), we bought one.

It’s always been ours, but over the years Meow has grown so accustomed to using it and uses it so much, that I not only think of it as her iPad, but I rarely have a chance to use it myself. Worse, I’ve spent money on software I want to use that is iPad-only that I don’t get to use because Meow is always using the iPad.

All of the irritations of TOEIC camp this summer were made possible by the singular goal: “After camp, I’m going to buy an iPad for myself.” Even though I haven’t been paid, being in Seoul and standing in a Apple shop, checking out three iPad models was enough to spur purchasing.

I walked out, painlessly, with a 16GB white iPad Mini. I passed on the Retina iPad 4 because I know there will be a newer model later this year that solves the battery-eating problems I know this model has. The iPad 2 is tech from two years ago and might be feature capped when iOS 7 hits the street in a month or two. But this is also true of the iPad Mini. I spent nearly twenty minutes mulling all this before deciding: ‘buy the Mini now … if the iPad 5 is that much cooler/better/lighter buy it later and give the Mini you’re about to walk out with to Meow.’ All problems solved. Even the original iPad, Meow’s iPad is getting a little long in the tooth for her usage habits—graphics intensive Angry Bird games (the newer versions being way more demanding than the original she’s already mastered) and page-heavy (re: memory hogging websites) surfing. The original model is also very heavy compared to the Mini and it does need the occasional hammer whack to reseat the graphics.

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