Idle Hands

Tuesday | March 20th, 2012


I could have been writing up yesterday’s report (which was noteworthy for some aspect, surely) as I prioritized things as A) work; B) dishes, so as to not break our new household arrangement; and C) writing. Guess which lost in years wee hours?

I did not write last night, nor did I write when I came home today. Instead put the range back together (as I took it apart last night with the dishes), opened all the windows to air the flat (it’s a beautiful, warm spring day, by the way), petted the dogs, ate one of Meow’s secret snacks (and two boxes of hidden Frosted Flakes too), took pictures of the entire flat (about time, right?), then decided I needed to be “doing” something and started to figure out what to eat for dinner.

We used all the celery last week, but the tops are still hanging around in the refrigerator, which is great because they’re really great for soups. I made a cup of green tea and started on the celery tops. You can see where this story is going … CHOP, CHOP, CHOP, CHOP, CHOP, CHOP, WHOA!

Of course I cut myself, but how bad?

Well, this is the first time I’ve had a slice of finger looking back up at me from the cutting board. It took a good 45 seconds to decide what to do. When a healthy bit of blood had pumped its way out, I stuck the piece (a ship won, really—the new ones) back on and wrapped it all up in paper towels. Apply some pressure, message Meow, wait, ride the pain wave.

Meow is back and I’m gonna need a doc to look over my digit and mad wrap it up because the Hello Kitty™ bandaids Meow scooped up on the way home won’t hack it. Only, we can’t go anywhere because of an impending furniture delivery. We need this furniture. We have been waiting for this furniture for weeks. Two wardrobes, two night stands, and a desk means that we can finally finish unpacking, put the clothes in the bedroom (not in the office) and put the crap that’s all over the floor of every room on the shelves in the office (currently staffing the clothes). Doctors can wait for this. Blood can pause for this.

Do you like the picture? I took it last week. It’s a picture of my right hand, pre slasher attack. No idea why I took it. Sure came in handy just now though.

I’ve typed this whole post “Lefty Only”. I think that’s how I’ll be filing my reports from Gyeongju for awhile, sans the capital letters (those are a real pain in the ass).


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