Frame It Up!

Wednesday | September 5th, 2012


This is the last big task reno-guy and his crew are banging out for us: the floor for the pantry. They are also adding height to our wall with wood, but that should be easy as that doesn’t have a spec and they’ve done that sort of thing before. For our floor, they said they would do it, we decided to spend a little bit of money to have them do it (even though it was my baby winter project), and then it got close to game time and they said they didn’t know how. Boogers.

So, first impression walking in tonight was that the framework (above left) was too high (rinse repeat). Upon measuring though and believing in Meow’s measurements, it would seem that we have enough room to put the refrigerator in there with a bit of clearance on top. Still, it’s higher by 4-6 cm than I would have built it.

And then, there’s that other prominent thing: the water pipe (above right). Why, why (seriously, why!??) did they put the supports in the middle of the loop? Why not push the pipe to one side? Now when we use that space we gotta worry about a water pipe? Bitch please. This means either I gotta another problem when I go to put in the sink.

And then there’s the splits and cracks (below). Worst is the major structural beam with a 25 cm split. More work to do.

Next up in the ‘We Don’t Know What We’re Doing Department But That’s Okay Because We’ll All Be Dead Soon Anyway’ department is the nonsense below. Meow is sure that they will use shims to close all those gaps before they cover the floor and call it cake.

One of the reasons for the 4-6 cm gain is this (below) confabulation around the step near the doorway to the kitchen.

Despite all the little things, the frame work is strong. Landing two refrigerators on top of this thing once the half inch plywood goes down should be no problem. We’re not sure if they are finished or not. I have a feeling I’ll be crawling around under here a lot adding more structural integrity and what not.

The tools of the trade, the floor making trade. While I wouldn’t have used a air-powered nailgun to drive into the cement wall like these guys, my design would have gone faster with one of these puppies in the mix. Below, the long skinny ones were driven into the cement via the nailgun and the fatter ones where used to hold the beams together. The fatter ones were too fat in some cases and split the ends of the 2x4s (as in the images above).

I can see myself hauling everything out of this room and redoing this in the future. Maybe just to feel more confident than I do now.

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