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Saturday | September 8th, 2012


We’ve both been busy this last week and every time I’ve been to the house it’s been really late and everything has been dark and quiet. So it was a treat to visit my house on a Saturday evening for a change. It was also a treat to see most of the junk picked up, everything on our project list completed and things looking nice and livable rather than the sort of beat down look the house had (especially on the back side) when we first looked at it.

There were unexpected things to see. The holes in the Millenium Falcon floor had been drilled (above, left) and reno-guy had cut the water hose and run them up through the floor (above, middle) with nozzles! (The pipe situation underneath is still babo though.) Then there was this odd bonus (above, right), an electrical jack install, albeit Mickey Moused, in the pantry. That was really unexpected. He knew we needed power in the room and had told Meow the electrical were shit the other day and that it would cost two million won (like $1800) to have the house rewired. Of course she called me, we confided, and then she told him to forget that. He really did us a solid with the jack as I was just going to go low-tech with an extension cord and work it all out later if it got to cold to have the door open.

The bathroom is done, done, and done. The correct fixtures are all present, water runs through them, the light is no longer dangling from the ceiling, and there is a vent (above) which comes on with the light and blows the moisture and the smells into the rafters. Not the best solution, but the only one given our time and money frames. Later, like a year from now, I’ll look into running the vent somewhere less damaging to wood.

We stayed until after sunset, mostly just sitting and watching the dogs play and rummage in the courtyard. I tried to imagine what the next several years of my life are going to be like, sitting on that stoop, staring off into my yard and relaxing. It really seems like a dream.

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