Day 94

Thursday | May 31st, 2012


Another long day goes in the bucket. The one task that I really had to do before I could go home, I put off doing most of the day. It wasn’t so much sloth as it was nostalgia or maybe even the disacceptance of the concluding semester. Eventually, I plowed my head into the work and got my last Lesson Plan done. Chapter finished, book closed. Almost. I still have to teach tomorrow, then there will be two weeks of final exams for which I will make quickie lesson plans along the lines of:

Take attendance
Make announcements
Kick all Ss out and remind them to come back at their testing times. Also remind them of the exam rules.
Blah blah blah.

There’s no real thought in a lesson plan like that. Mainly I will be just writing down some notes for myself, not because I’m forgetful, there are just some things I prefer to be thorough about and this is one of them. So the real work is done. There won’t be much thinking going on during exams either, mainly I will need to be alert and watchful as pairs square off in conversations and tick off what they are and aren’t doing right. Not letting the mind drift is the most effort inducing thing I will experience in the coming weeks.

I can’t believe it’s over. There is a sort of finality approaching about everything. The fleeting sense of finality which The CEC delivered was akin to striking a match in a damp shack. This thing is like packing up the circus for the summer so everyone can run off and frolic with the leprechauns. Very different.

The Daily Bully

Worthless iPhone app #3,954,332: I’d Cap That. The premise is that you take a goofy photo of someone then use this app to affix a tacky or racy, but ultimately totally inappropriate caption to their likeness. (Examples here). This was one of the only non-sexual ones I could find.

Daily Report

I didn’t sleep last night. I struggled to write or create a script that would grab an .mp3 from a folder, open it, insert markers in pre-determined places, split the audio file into eleven segments based on those

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Out beyond the fake lake (Bomun) for Christmas Day lunch at a place called the Healing Kitchen. It’s all farms and hilltops here. And roads to more farms and hilltops. Except for the noise from the cars, I

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The Fourth Wall

I’m here and alive. Ten days behind the reality of my written life, yet here and alive. TOEIC is the predominant motif of life from the end of the semester until … today. This is the end, after

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This Old Hanok

When we had the bathroom done, we wanted to design our own window for the part of the wall which straddles the storage space along the side of the house. This way we could have clean airflow through

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