Day 93

Wednesday | May 30th, 2012


I really thought I’d conquer this day and make it mine. Things just seem to cascade the wrong direction sometimes. I faired much better than I did last Wednesday, now known as (n.k.a.) “The Day The Blog Ground to a Halt” though.

Of course, I slept late. That is a theme of late, sleeping late, that is. When … make that “if” I get around to backposting the last week, those reasons will present themselves.

When I did get up, I was hungry, but fear of repeating last Wednesday drove me to promise—and keep that promise—I would not eat until the house had been vacuumed and mopped, the recycling dealt with, the odd things sorted, and the laundry at least started. I was a good promise to keep. Had I started earlier the day might not have been a pure inside day. That sucks, but I can’t have the sun, the moon, the stars, the ice cream, the girl, and save the planet all at once. No, these things must come incrementally like everything else.

I started eating around 16.00 and shortly there after designated it as an official Fend For Yourself Night®. In between munchy times, I graded the last of my quizzes for classes. Once that was done and the spreadsheets updated, I went around emailing students offering them amnesty make up quizzes and extra credit assignments in an attempt to steer them away from some painful Ds and Fs which would mean they would need to repeat their second language course. Fuck that.

Hopefully, all will see the light and jump on the easy assignment which hovers along the lines of coupon cutting with a grammar agenda. This one is easy compared to the others of the semester:

  • watch a move and write about what the main character(s) do in the grammar target in 300 wordssomeone jacked that up though
  • record a conversation between you and a partner using the language targets, turn in the transcript and recording.
  • and everyone’s boring favorite, go to the lounge and be another teacher’s problem for an hour.

Some ninny-nannies turned down the extra credit. They need extra counseling, encouragement, and firecrackers lit under their butts. Yeah, I’ve been partially busy over stuff like that. I don’t think I have to be, but I want to give everyone a chance to get a nice grade. In the end though, if they wanna shoot themselves … I can live with that, too.

While grading, I devoured season 1 of Flashpoint. Why Flashpoint? Well, why not. It looked like a B-grade cop drama and cop dramas are nice to have on when you doing a real task and if I watch one more episode of the ultra-retardo-fest called CSI (in any incarnation), I really will kill. Myself, others, the tv, the dogs, the wife, the wild rabbits of Gyeongju, all. My rage will continue onto Japan where I will kill Godzilla and be treated like a god for the remainder of my long life while the Japanese government diplomatically stalls Korea and the United Nations demanding my extradition for crimes against humanity and the holy basten of the 20th century, n.k.a the television set.

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