Day 85

Tuesday | May 22nd, 2012


This morning, I had some trouble deciding how to tie my tie (a rather common occurrence actually) and that meant a cab and arriving one or two minutes after the hour. During this grand decision making which hinged vitally on: four in hand or half-windsor, my phone self activated its camera and took a picture of my thumb (above). Once again technology proved its goofy-uselessness. Like I need a giant red and blurry as heck picture of my thumb. What were you thinking silly iPhone?

I worked on work stuff today instead of coming home after I was done teaching. With the end of the semester coming up, I want to have everything done as soon as humanly possible. Many are just starting to put in grades and other nonsense that my CEC background wouldn’t have ever let me dilly-dally about with. All my work for this week is already done, including the lesson plan which usually doesn’t get finalized until Thursday afternoon or Thursday in the wee hours (like the first few weeks). This Thursday, I will make the last lesson plan for this semester. The two weeks after that are for Final Exams—all that work is done too.

I turned a lot of my amped up angry into getting work done on Sunday. Plus, I think I’m just genuinely interested in knocking all this out and not sitting around for days doing it all in the last few minutes.

Tonight when we took the dogs out, Twitchy was up to her badself and I spent a lot of time working with her to get her to walk with me (and hopefully Meow) so she doesn’t just yank her walker along. She gave Meow a heavy bruise a few weeks ago and I’m starting to get a bit achy trying to control her too. She is too big and she doesn’t get that. She is also really smart and really respects me, so I think I can make this work without resorting to a zappy collar … yet.

Speaking of dogs, this little hellion ran out of his house to bark at me while I took the picture of the building. He followed me all the way to the corner sounding like a doberman ready to tear my nuts off and I had to keep turning around to remember he was a football dog. Maybe he is a bipolar dog. He was very chill when I took his photograph. Or maybe he doesn’t know how famous I am.

The Daily Bullet

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