Day 83

Sunday | May 20th, 2012


Sunday was an odd day. There was mass spillage from work into my private life. So much so that I could not focus on anything else for the entire day. Eventually, around 22.30 I realized there was no getting out from under the rage and I cancelled the Monday morning language exchange.

I didn’t get ahold of my reading material until late in the week and where I would normally start cracking through it on Saturday and much of Sunday in those circumstances, the work debacle left such a bitter taste for all of Sunday (to the point where I couldn’t even focus on Meow when she was talking in the Gorilla café—that’s pretty bad).

I was able to have a nice time with her walking around downtown though.

A token peeling paint image. After I took this, I started to wonder if the seeming surplus of paint shops in Gyeongju was some sort of a scam where an inferior product was being sold. Then, ‘or could it really be that the weather in Gyeongju is rougher on exteriors, hastening the peeling?’

This wasn’t enough to keep me away from the carnage though. At one point I decided that if I didn’t like something, then I didn’t have to put up with it and started looking for other jobs. Meow talked me down from that idea, pointing out that the stirrer of this soup mattered not and what did matter were all the Koreans running the show. That bit of advice at least let me calm down to where I could drown a little in a movie (Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close).

Later walking the dogs gave me a much needed mental break. And I spent a little extra time letting my mind chew on the Death Star piping at the cross walk to the footbridge. I’m sure it has a function, but like the peeling paint, I smell conspiracy.

On the way back, knowing the photograph would turn out poor, I went ahead with this:

I can hear the architect: “We gotta make it old!”.

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