Day 80

Thursday | May 17th, 2012


Hot. Sunny. Windy. Thunderstormy. Rainy. Lightningy. Umbrella invertingy. Gyeongju can do it all.

I was looking out the window at most of these weather patterns. The failsafe umbrella I attempted to sell to a desperate student for 20,000 won today was not even needed.

It wasn’t much fun carrying it home either, especially knowing that now I must carrying it back. It occurred to me that there is no umbrella salesman cornering the market on stranded students. Everyone seems to be cab bound in spats of rain like this. I see a niche market, small, not really profitable, but a change of pace anyway.

I was about 10 minutes late this morning, another Gyeongju first. I didn’t really have a class or a solid commitment other than to sit at a stated place at a designated time. I blame untime, a tie tying disaster, and some post-vodka grogginess which lengthen simple activities like showering, steaming a shirt, and tying a tie into double-digit minute soap operas fit for webisode consumption through the only distribution channel of consequence: the internet.

The ultimate hangover cure is the same as the ultimate headache cure: Let’s Be canned and chemicalized coffee. The fake caffeine perks you up, the powered milk from that one factory in Camaroon settles the tummy, and the conflict sugar wipes the floor with everything else that has you backed into a corner at that one important moment when you need to be able to recite one of Springer’s final thoughts or read the small LED lettering on the gas pump. The only thing more perfect than a can of Let’s Be coffee would be (in this order): IV’s of Let’s Be; injections of Let’s Be; or pills you could pop all day.

And then I took this power edge and wrote a poem in my spare time (mind the late night edit versus the hero image):

twilight the beautiful earth.
desert monsters are dangerous,
silent stones.
black robotic snakes
in the nighttime
like a delicious kiss,
lovely in the dead open

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