Day 8

Tuesday | March 6th, 2012


I have to write about Day 8 after Day 8 has long past by about 18 hours because I fell asleep right prompt after my adventures of the day.

It started innocently enough with going in the morning, intending to walk, but having to take a bus because my tummy didn’t like the 칠리탕수육 as much as my tongue did. This made me late, so I found the bus stop near the flat and waited. And waited. And waited a bit more. And started to miss the usefulness of the Seoul Bus app. There will never be anything like that in Gyeongju, how would any bureaucrat justify the absurd cost of installing a GPS tracker in every bus and LED signs at each stop? The white envelopes don’t flow south. I was about to jump in a cab, when the bus arrived and stopped (barely) about 10 feet away from the curb. I was on campus four minutes later. I had no students but I had to be there, so I sat and froze my ass off for three hours.

I walked home in the rainy Eugene sprinkles and wind. I took my time listening to music and taking pictures. I went up on the roof and took pictures there too. I realized that I can see the building where my office is from the roof of my building.

When I got home I was happy to change into warm pajamas when Meow called and wanted me to help her carry her books upstairs. There were a lot of books. They were very heavy even for me and I felt guilty for thinking she should be tougher when she called.

We originally went out to go to the Dong Office to change her address and get the documents I’ll need to take to immigration to change mine, but then I suggested to we go to Woori Bank and make an account for me so I can get paid. Again the bus barely stopped about eight feet from the curb and Meow wasn’t fast enough and the guy started to pull away. We had to run a little. It was funny. The kind of funny that I’m getting on a lot living here. Funny because this is country livin’ and them darn tootin’ city rules are all null.

The bank was a trip with lots of giggling on our part about how things were different in Seoul, like getting your new credit card either there or a few days later (mine will come in three months). After the bank business was sorted, I gave Meow a mini-tour that included my building, my office (desk only, but made a point to point at my gigantic window), the support office (who received my Woori Bank passbook with glee), and maybe the one person I would have preferred her to meet: the other Caleb.

Yeah, ten years (in May) in Korea and I’ve not encountered another Caleb … until now. I saw his name on a mass email a couple of weeks before orientation and thought it was a mistake. Once I was sure it wasn’t, I google-raped him. I find the whole experience of talking to another Caleb a bit disconcerting and don’t quite know what to make of it.

Meow and I rode the bus over to Tous Les Jours (which is across from the Baskin Robbins). We bought a bunch of things we probably didn’t need like chocolate cake, mocha cream bread, melon bread, a blueberry bagel, regular pbj bread, and itty-bitty jars of strawberry jam. I ate the bagel, which tasted nasty on the walk home. We were still not home and I was crazy hungry, so I tore into the mocha bread and ate most of that before we made it to the front door.

I don’t recall eating a proper dinner. I think we sat down to watch Underworld Awakening while we ate some cake, but I’m not sure. The movie sucked and no amount of suddenly sleepy can ever undo the suckiness of the plot or the continued retardedness of the “Lycan War”. I also remember asking Meow to wake me in a hour.

She never woke me; she said I was sleeping so well so she let me be. I should never be left to be while sleeping. I will sleep my life away. I will sleep for the joy of sleeping and resting. Perhaps even more dangerously, I will sleep for the experience of dreaming. If I sleep too much, I dream endlessly and do not wake up.

Every year, at least once or twice this kind of sleep happens where I dream endlessly and sleep for 16-21 hours. This time it was 16 hours. I tried to take a nap around 21.00 and woke up around 13.00 the next day.

1 My ARC is seven years full of nonsense front and back, so it’s immigration or a fine.

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