Day 665

Monday | December 23rd, 2013


Batman has left Luke behind on Tattooine. He has left him for parts unknown. Luke wonders if he will ever see the quiet man, feel his touch, his breath, the roughness of his stubbly cheek … Another man has come to the bar on this night. While Luke has waited, as promised, over a drink for almost a week, no Batman has returned. No sign has been given. No message from the spaces between. Nothing. This other man, he smiles and he also longs for Batman. But how does he long? Is this a past lover come to get his sunrise too? Luke plays with the carabiner on his lightsaber and watches this man, as he rounds the other patrons in the bar. This man, will soon come to Luke and inquire about Batman. Something is off … the smile, hauntingly full, yet empty. This man, he doesn’t let his smile go. Luke sips his drink. This smiling man will come …


I couldn’t have done today without the coffee above. Somehow things have changed. Where I once avoided coffee, now it’s a staple of my morning. I actually want to get to sleep most nights so I can get up and drink a hot cup of Joe. Sometimes this semester, it’s been the most exciting part of my day.

But teaching is done for the winter now and it’s all TOEIC all the time for the next few weeks. KK has me set up in two different labs and that’s gonna really screw me up, but this is a Thursday problem and today I’m only eating the Monday problems. The Monday Problems are (in no certain order): help level test all students who wanna be in the TOEIC camp; sort the 90 students that are signed up and are supposed to level test into levels; assign teachers to those levels; try to make it so 5 people teach in the afternoon and 4 in the morning; try to get some teachers who requested specific levels in front of those levels; eat lunch so I don’t pass out while doing this shit.

Lunch … lunch was at Mr. Big because I wanted a hamburger, even a bad one. I was there with Meow about a month ago and had her school the waitress on crispy bacon. This time I was with two other expats and wanted to see what would happen if I didn’t say anything. Korea has bacon, that’s one hurdle, sure, but the second hurdle, cooking that bacon never clears. My bacon was chewy. Pink, but cooked (via a microwave) and chewy. the patty was still so-so, just like last time. I had more ice berg lettuce this time. I don’t want more ice berg lettuce at anytime. I was able to order and receive onion rings (above, right)—last time I was only allowed to order them. Mr. Big’s onion rings are the nastiest fried thing I’ve ever eaten. Somewhere in that mess of deep fry and oily breading is a scrawny excuse for a vegetable … somewhere.

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I didn’t sleep last night. I struggled to write or create a script that would grab an .mp3 from a folder, open it, insert markers in pre-determined places, split the audio file into eleven segments based on those

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Out beyond the fake lake (Bomun) for Christmas Day lunch at a place called the Healing Kitchen. It’s all farms and hilltops here. And roads to more farms and hilltops. Except for the noise from the cars, I

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The Fourth Wall

I’m here and alive. Ten days behind the reality of my written life, yet here and alive. TOEIC is the predominant motif of life from the end of the semester until … today. This is the end, after

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This Old Hanok

When we had the bathroom done, we wanted to design our own window for the part of the wall which straddles the storage space along the side of the house. This way we could have clean airflow through

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