Day 658

Monday | December 16th, 2013


Another day, another five dollar disaster. No really, things are peachy-clean for a Monday. Sure I over slept and barely logged coffee time with coffee. What would one expect when dreaming away 15 hours of their Sunday? Sure I arrived at the foot of my four story building at 08.53. Hey, the cabbie gave me a 100 won discount, even he knows the Meat & Mart to the foot of my four story building shouldn’t cost more than 3,000 won or 2,800 won if he isn’t scamming ponies off of the meter. Sure I gave exams and some of the kids didn’t do so well. I gave them bushels of “Jesus Buddha Loves You (Not as Much as I do)* and smiles and mental flowers and stop-by-my-office-any-time-in-the-next-four-years salutes.


My office is a meat locker. I can’t decide whether to leave the milk out or burn the things that aren’t nailed down. Would anyone notice? Could I spin that in some way to not get fired? If I can crack this puzzle, I’ll be warm for the rest of the week without having to climb inside the generous girth of any coworkers. I should make more fat friends or keep bourbon in my desk or don a sleeping bag and a tent during office hours.

None of this crap occurred to me today though. Not enough oxygen rich blood was going in & out of me noggin to come up with stunts like these. Nope. Stupid me, all I could think of today, freezing my frozen nut sack off was to eat. And boy did I ever eat! I think I’ll just call my sandwich a Monday thang. I also ate a tuna sandwich: ½ and ½ tuna with processed cheese and tuna with ham, all on white bread. AND I ate an apple jam sorry assed excuse for a Hostess Apple Pie thingamajig. I would have eaten an officemate too, if one had had the balls to sit and chatter teeth with me.


I went downtown after work. I passed this hanok and noticed the protruding cement panels (above, all). I’ve got Meow sold on a plan to bust out and rebuild all the panel sections in our bedroom this spring. I plan on redoing the whole room for less than two grand and I believe I can do it for around one. The only unknowns are the exact make up of each panel (but hey, they’re panels, so I’ll break one out and see how it’s done and what not to do again) and my inexperience working with cement. This hanok is a nice case study of the possibilities that await this project.

I was downtown because I needed another piece of wood for bathroom window 2.0. Bathroom window 1.0 was the shit about two months ago, but I didn’t seal the wood, sort of like thought that it would be a while before anything funky happened. But … yeah, the first mold popped up two weeks a later and the rot set in about a week after that. With Holt inbound this week and sleeping through the repapering of the doors plan, this is the next best thing I can do to spruce up the house.

Actually this was my Saturday plan: make a new window; then Sunday: make new doors. I am a sleepy, stupid piece of shit though. I had an extra piece of wood from Bathroom Window 1.0 but I couldn’t find it, thus necessitating a second piece of wood, which I didn’t have. I got wood. I got some more wood because I’d given a lot of thought to the rotting and molding problems and had a real strategy to overcome those problems.

I stained the wood already. Tomorrow I’ll put it all together and barf up all the photos of the whole process to prove I didn’t sleep all day again.

The Daily Bullet

All pictures representative of Day 658’s travels, even this one. I’m loving the iOS 7 filters—this one is “transfer”. Except for the yellowing, everything is as it would have been tweaked in Photoshop by me in post-processing. I find all of the new filters to be like this in method. And enough so in that method, that I only feel two knuckles dirty about what’s been done to those photos and don’t for a second consider them to be Daily Bullets …


* Wha? You’re not a Cherry Alive fan? Knives hurt more in the front.

Daily Report

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This Old Hanok

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