Day 654

Thursday | December 12th, 2013


This is August 13 in a nut. It was workshop day. Like everything else in Korea, you need a license before you can do something and adoption is no different. Meow and I had to go to a workshop to get a license to adopt.

We got to Seoul too early and ate (below, left) and waited (below, right). It was a hot day and we were silent.


My Korean is the most neglected thing of the last four years. I’ve picked it up again a few times but work always interferes and it gets dropped again. This workshop is all Korean and I needed to understand it and not have my wife translate the whole thing for me. I thought it would look bad and it’s just a dumb way to go about things like this. Instead, I had her generate a word list of 200-300 words centered on this topic. She hated doing it, but once I had the list, I hit up a dictionary and translated all the words she dug up. Then I spent time over the following two weeks cramming them into my head Korean style (rote) and Western style (flashcards and associations).


I felt like did pretty good at the workshop. We both got licenses to adopt (mine, above). Eight hours of high-level Korean was insanely taxing. One of the speakers was an old guy who spoke at human speed and I grasped 85% of what he was saying. But the other two speakers were women and they spoke ajuma-lightspeed fast. I had to give up. It was like being drunk at a noraebang and trying to sing along in Korean before you realize you’re just moving your lips like you’re singing and calling out the names of the letters or their sounds in your head and that somehow equates to singing in Korean. I had to give up on them and this is my only gripe about the workshop and Koreans in general: slow down when we talk so I can understand you.


When it was over, we booked back to Seoul Station for a ride home. I got some pad thai for the rails and took a picture of the sun setting into the station (above, both).

The Daily Bullet

Somewhere across the little river, playing with the iPhone 5 camera; not on August 13 though …


Daily Report

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