Day 653

Wednesday | December 11th, 2013


I finally made it back to Taekwondo class last Wednesday. Meow had said she believed I wouldn’t go back and that was the last switch to flip. I’d already decided to go back, but was apprehensive. I remember and often dream about Hapkido and felt like if I didn’t return, then I’d be setting some sort of new precedent to live by. Since my birthday, I’d considered my Hapkido experiences carefully, remembering how both of them ended abruptly due to circumstances beyond my control. Here it was only me stopping myself.

This adoption business is the core reason for returning, but … but being able to do something like this was what pushed me onward the most. There was a time when I wore a cast and walked with a cane for endless months through a winter, a spring, and most of a summer. During that time, my dreams, every dream was about running or walking. This was the injury which ended the second attempt at Hapkido. This was the injury that took me down the most random of paths and events and finally to Meow. It was a good journey, but that sense of resigned hopelessness that I’d use a cane for the rest of my life to be mobile stuck with me.

I went back to class because I could—one month of intermittent attendance had striped off four kilograms of weight and made my ankle strong again like it was before a pinky-sized piece of bone chipped off and free-floated inside ligaments for two months. I went back to class because I have a chance to be a father, and I need to get ready for that. I went back to class because I need to be healthier. And I went back to class because Meow said I would never go back. (I thanked her the next day.)

Today, I missed my first class though. It’s not as easy when I was doing Hapkido and I was alone. Now there are other things, a wife, dogs, and paperwork. Gobs and gobs of paperwork. This Wednesday is all about getting to Busan, getting to the translator slash public notary before he shutters his business for the day. He has all my docs ready and lovingly translated into Korean, all the salient parts anyway. These are my documents from the States authenticated and ready to go before a judge who will look at them we hope and say what we dare not even wish for, that he or she will say, “Yes.”

The Daily Bullet

Night near Taekwondo; no filtering (just some clever metering).


Daily Report

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The Fourth Wall

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This Old Hanok

When we had the bathroom done, we wanted to design our own window for the part of the wall which straddles the storage space along the side of the house. This way we could have clean airflow through

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