Day 650

Sunday | December 8th, 2013


Meow and I had planned to go to Homeplus this weekend. When she got back from the company retreat last night she was too blown out. Something about a fight where everyone argued all night long about five-year bonus money. It kept her up and let her drop soon after hitting the couch when home. We put HomePlus off until Sunday.


We really needed to get another 5 kg bag of rice. The last one was pretty good and a mark above the dodgy sort of grain from the corner store. We also need “taca food”. Taca is the Korean word for stapler (above) and stapler is a dumb word. Since a stapler gets loaded with staples to be useful, a taca gets loaded with? Taca Food. This is all Meow’s lexicon. I like it. Fuck staples and staplers. It’s taca and taca food from here on out. Like the clumsy ‘apartment’ was burned out for ‘flat’. Some words are just more fun. We need taca food to put the plastic back up on the windows. It’s Chilly Willy time again. This year I’ve got a proper door, but the rest of This Old Hanok suffers the elements.

But we get out to HomePlus (this is always a taxi or biking adventure) and the parking lot is empty. The government forces all big chain supermarkets to close sometimes to give the little guys a chance. Those sometimes are Sundays, sometimes. And the little guys sell shit that is way overpriced or everything they do sell is from the big companies that own all the big chain supermarkets. It’s lose / lose. Today it was no rice / no rice. This kinda thing pisses Meow off greatly. We burned four bucks (my money) cabbing it to the store and don’t have good brown rice to show for it.


We walked (my idea) back to Seonggeondong to the mom and pop shop to get our rice and fixings. It was a great day for walking 3-4 kilometers for a bag of rice. It was warm and I didn’t need a hat or gloves. The sun was setting a warm glow to everything (above and below).


After crossing the river (below, left and right), we stopped in the Frying Pan for dinner: salad, potato chips, and fried chicken (Meow only) before walking the last bit around our old building and then into Big Sale for our rice, doggy snacks, balsamic vinegar, eggs, and whatever else.


It was a pretty good Sunday for getting up around 16.00 …

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