Day 648

Friday | December 6th, 2013


Things to do today after work. After a week of pounding into students’ brains what the next two weeks of English will look like for them. After talking non-stop for-ever for the first 30-40 of every class and then nudging with fluffy fucking bunny gloves and unicorn smiles students off to a better practice routine ahead of their Final Exams.

I met Meow at the busstop. We’ve been doing this lately on Fridays because our paths cross at the busstop at roughly the same time at the end of the week on the end of our journeys home. We’ve been meeting and eating lunch together before going home. It’s like date time. Last Friday we had coffee too.

Today we met in front of my school though instead of in Seonggeondong. We rode a bus downtown and went to KB get a piece of paper that said I don’t have any loans or money troubles in Korea. This is of course yet another piece of paper in the adoption process. We’ve been told we are poor. Too poor to adopt a child. So unbelievably, shockingly poor. We’ve answered a bunch of questions already about why and how come we aren’t like other married folks in their impending ages. Why don’t we have 200,000 million won socked away already? Why not? Because we have fucking lives that’s why. We have hobbies and pets and gardens and constantly make our own art and reality. That’s a good environment to raise a child, they say.

We don’t have debt other than our little hanok which the bank still owns 52.5% of and we have depth. But we’re poor.

Remember that when you go to bed at night.

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Daily Report

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