Day 568

Monday | September 16th, 2013


So I’ve overextended myself a bit. This isn’t just the normal rigamarole of classes and agape freshman students fiddling in the dark for English words while I hover nearby dropping hints or outright answers if pressed for time. This is like the extra class, which seemed easy when gobbling it up over the summer. I mean, same level + empty slot = $$$ right? Well not if that class falls on a day when you have no such other classes of that level and it also coincides with two national holidays. I have two levels to teach but have ended up slogging together 4-5 lesson plans for weeks 1 and 2, thus saying a long goodbye to my weekends. This is just part one of overextended.

Part two is where I offered my web-dev services pro-bono to put together a photography site. I liked the idea and my portfolio has been a little thin these last few years, so why not, right? Well, not because I’m busy with other stuff. Not because my “client” is a kind of web Luddite and a colorblind man. Insert design jokes here. And I didn’t need to do much, but the functionality that was requested and the rustiness of not having worked on a large project for so long (not since the New Yorker’s Guide to Military Recruitment in the Five Buroughs and that was in 2006—by hand, line-by-line). Given how I’ve been putting sites together in the last two years, I recommended WordPress on the backend (which serves up this) partly because I knew it would cut down on my fiddle-faddle time and partly because I figured there’d be a plugin for everything my client wanted. Well, yeah. The holiday (Chuseok) put me ahead of my lesson making to give the illusion of free weekend only to see it snatched away by me scouring the WordPress Codex for answers, hacks, and … code. I’m pleased with the end result, but there is still a weekend of tweaking to do. And … I’m late with delivery and … as always … my client still needs to write all the copy. Some shit never changes.


I also went and signed up for some Taekwondo lessons. It was pretty automatic once I was sitting there watching a lesson thinking about how much I’d rather go study Hapkido again. The thing was … I was there and Hapkido in Gyeongju was an unprocurable, unlocateable thing after nearly a year and a half. I figured I’d just do Taekwondo for a year, get back in shape and then if I still thought my two broken ankles would be happier in Hapkido, then I’d go do that.

Then I went and spent time I didn’t really have free planning another class. I’ll find out soon whether it flies or not. I don’t care either way, although the extra cash would cover my lessons and taxis to work in the mornings.

To top all this off, a game is stealing me away in all the leftover moments. All the times when I guess I could be tending to my journal or working on my secret project, it’s just game, game, game, game.

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