Day 56

Monday | April 23rd, 2012


Today I took 57 shots. I didn’t mean to take that many. Really. It’s just … I was walking home from work and I realized the day was almost over and I hadn’t taken any pictures, again. I didn’t want a repeat of Saturday and Sunday, so I started snapping at whatever looked moderately interesting.

… like bricks. Stacks of lonely truck stop bricks, waiting for a lift.

… and flowers. Flowers piss off the Overlords. And spring is full on and the colors are getting more vibrant.

When I got home, I thought that was it for the day—maybe 30 images or so. Lots of bricks and flowers. (Maybe a series was in order?).

I stuck with the plan Meow and I had made the night before: eat dinner, then walk the dogs. Poor Twitchy and Naughty haven’t had a good walk in a while. We’ve either been lazy people who leave the front door open all day so they can run back and forth from the flat the to roof or it’s been raining. They yearn for different things to smell and pee on. It’s our job to oblige them and in exchange they won’t chew up all our gear or shit all over our stuff. If we break the system, they break the system. They know better than to poo and chew at will, so imagine all that pent up rage and you have a clear view into the pressures of being our dogs.

I did the dishes first. It’s nice to do the dishes again. My finger has sealed itself up, but it’s still on the mend. And it still hurts if poked incorrectly. When I was done, Meow made yummy dinner. Then, secretly we got ready, but Naughty figured it out and starting attacking Twitchy (as he does when excited about something).

Our plan was to walk across the footbridge and down into the park with all the tall grass (the tall grass that was cut down a couple of weeks ago). We thought no one would be out … but it’s warm and there were a lot of people about in the darkness. Twitchy got a little bit of freedom, but Naughty was all leash. He found piles of poo to gnaw on though, so I don’t think he cared much. It was near the end of this park that I found some of the old tall grass …

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