Day 54

Saturday | April 21st, 2012


For some reason I’m proud that I only took one picture today. I did other things. Satisfying things, but different things. I cleaned the whole house and got everything ready for Meow’s friends from Seoul. I also looked at another person’s photographs and found I had a lot to say in response. That’s always a good sign.

The bedroom, all clean, the curved edge furniture, IKEA comforter cover, and the finishing touch: Meow’s curtains.

It rained all day. The same relentless Oregon chilly rain that makes going outside to perform even the most mundane tasks seem pointless. When Meow’s friends left to go back to Seoul, she went and took a nap that lasted … well, she’s STILL sleeping. Basically, today was a good movie day.

I really like this cop drama called Awake and this week’s Fringe actually kept me interested for the first time in a while. I watched the new Sherlock Holmes and was bored to death. I watched Haywire and forgot I was watching a film, sitting in a chair and had eyes—that’s what makes a film good. Watching people slow-motion running while historical-meta-ficitonized weapons massacre trees is not fun. Surely the vast CGI farms of Hollywood could be put to better use. I’m pretty certain SETI@home still hasn’t found life on other planets yet.

No Daily Bullet today … but the night shots with this post are from last night’s outing and a good example of my tipsy eye and an insufficient camera.


Daily Report


Daily Report

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