Day 518

Monday | July 29th, 2013


Meow and I had a big, big plan for today that was thwarted by a class that popped up pretty much unannounced last week and lasted roughly 30 minutes for her today. Why would one place want a class in the middle of regular vacation for everyone else? Meow was not pleased, but I slept in (naturally) so I missed her having to get up and get sorted and only slightly woke when she came back.


She convinced me it would be a great day to bike to the station and buy train tickets for tomorrow, the new big, big plan day. Then biking to the station turned out to be biking to the bank and biking to a store to buy dirt. I wanted to bike around more since we were to be out biking and wanted to bike to the station, then skip out on the boring errands part. In the end though, I followed Meow into the heart of nasty heat saturated downtown Gyeongju to the bank and then to various garden supply shops while she looked for reasonably sized bags of dirt.

Once she had that done, I suggested we take the long way home along the river so I could get some adventure into my day after all. This proved a very nice ride on a very hot day. We decided to swing by the Chinese restaurant that Meow likes because they make authentic Chinese food (like living in Beijing and this tastes like it does in Beijing authentic). But they were sold out of everything yummy. On the way home, I considered Grazie for five seconds and maybe a second too long to not turn down its street before I remembered how utterly nasty the food is there (although, I haven’t tried the fish and chips yet). In the window, we saw JH was already there and we pondered going in and eating and saying hellos, but the disappointment of my last four Grazie meals was enough to push me onward and home.

Meow and I ordered 비빔만두 (bibim mandu; dumplings pressed into half pancakes with a side of vegetables and hot sauce; or the dish I spent seven years scouring menus in Seoul for only to move to Gyeongju and order it all the time and tell Meow how much I love this and for her to say, “Why didn’t you tell me? Dongdaemun has a famous place to eat this!” … Dongdaemun is a three minute subway ride from where I lived in Seoul for seven years) and watched tv at home in front of the fan instead.

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