Day 514

Thursday | July 25th, 2013


This summer and this summer heat makes it hard to dream the days away so I haven’t been sleeping as much as I would on a comparative winter vacation. And my weekend activities have me up earlier than I’d like to be so when the evening rolls around I tend to be drowsy. I do a lot of napping in my chair. Lately I do a lot of nodding off while watching tv in the evening on my computer or mid-typing or mid-mousing.

Last night, my big solution to this perpetual drowsiness was to have a cup of Meow’s coffee. At 21.30. Coffee sometimes makes me sleepy, so I took this cup black. And … then I wasn’t sleepy until after 13.00 today. I went to bed at one in the afternoon, but going to bed woke me up so I played a game until sleep kicked in around three. I got up around nine and ate some food (more apples and peaches).

Tasks accomplished today:

  • watch nine episodes of season 4 of Farscape back-to-back, check.
  • forge a silly number of gems in Infinity Blade II, check.
  • catch-up on silly writing project, check.
  • sleep four hours in a bed, check.

Clearly I’m still figuring out how to cope with this vacation/time vortex thing.

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Daily Report

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This Old Hanok

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