Day 513

Wednesday | July 24th, 2013


Waking up curled up in a summer shawl of a blanket in front of my friend Fan, not recognizing my own appendages (top), this is how summer, vacation, idle, and heat begin to fuck with my brain. These days are timeless like the winter ones of last vacation were each day was just a cycle of cold, sort of warm, warm, then cold again and clocks become irrelevant.

Today I was forced into the office by PP who didn’t send her certificate to plug in next semester’s data into the school system for the course catalogue. If I’d had the certificate, I could have done this from home in my summer wear without risking another sunburn. I plugged mine in last night. Two people came out of the woodwork with similar requests and bribes. It’s busywork as some have described it, but it’s still an obligation. Yesterday before going out to dinner and trying to plug mine in, I realized that some yahoo dropped the ball and put up the wrong information. I spent an hour sorting it and compiling the correct information, but was too pissed off about that to think for much of the evening. There’s just so many lazy shitheads in the PDF. Vacation is supposed to be shithead-free. And so goes the bitterness.

There’s a Luddite factor here too. An inability to produce the required documents, an inability to dig up the correct information, an inability to punch that information into a computer system. I don’t get it. The world is getting more technical, no one can stop that; many are hooked irrevocably on the convenience that that technology has afforded them, but they still persist in divorcing themselves from the smallest increments of learning how to make this kind of thing quick and painless. I’m not doing any special fucking voodoo magic to perform what is a ten minute data entry task from home. Anyone can do this; few actually do. I smell money here … gears in the head today.


The bedroom is a light chamber (above, left). Heat floods in too. It’s like waking up 2/3 of the way down in the Grand Canyon after napping under a tree in the mid-afternoon sun, but without the sunburn to go with it. The heat and the shade are roughly the same.

I got up early to receive a box of peaches (above, right). This is another summer vector for Meow and I. I like my apples green, my bananas greenish-yellow, and my peaches and tomatoes soft and red. Meow: apples must be red, bananas yellow and spotted and smelly, peaches yellow and hard, tomatoes reddish green and hard. Guess what disappears first? The ice cream, that’s what. I can sit on that for a day or two, but in this heat, keeping cold things around for days on end is torture.

The Daily Bullet

Scorcher, like an atomic blast or a SWAT team before the windows are blown out.



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