Day 509

Saturday | July 20th, 2013


With TOEIC done for the summer, it’s on to the next big event. Last summer this was a camp in Pohang. Even though I looked at two camps outside of town, I missed my chance both times. I thought that I’d just do TOEIC and be good with that, but then I calculated the things I wanted and decided I needed more money. I found some extra stuff to do in Chunghyo-dong on Saturdays and Sundays for a few weeks and today was the first day of this. But today was also Meow’s birthday, so it was pretty stacked with pictures and people and talking and new things which was a great break from frustrating banality of TOEIC camp.


It was an amazingly bright and hot day, not really like that when I left home in the morning. The heat I’m not getting used to, but I’m no longer surprised that it’s still there each morning when I wake up. The sun is another matter. Years of not really being sunburnt, then to get a really nasty one last month while fence building and then another one today—just walking around for thirty minutes on my lunch break!

My first mistake was venturing out on a rooftop for pictures on a break (below, left) without my sunglasses. The roof was so hot, so bright, that I felt I was being fast-cooked. I could barely open my eyes.


I didn’t prepare much for the first class—it’s always better to see what’s up before laying out a big plan. I brought the Red Balloon (above) with me because it’s mostly a pictures based story and really easy to follow and the themes and ideas in the film are great for both basic and advanced discussion (this is also something from the FSUKU program). The students liked it and seemed pretty engaged while watching it and we had a good talk afterword and so it was easy to have them do an extension activity to push them a little.


I got home around 16.30 on the bus and slopped the rest of BM’s aloe on my face and arms and took a nap before Meow was set to return from Busan with her Seoul peeps. For dinner we went to a Chinese restaurant (above) and ate a big course meal that left all seven of us too stuffed to move. Instead of hopping in cabs to get to the next place, we walked in the summer evening back to Seonggeon-dong which turned out to not be that far at all (something Meow and I both really like about Gyeongju: things are mostly walking or biking distance).

The second place was the wine bar with pillows on the floor that BM is always trying to get us to go to (but everyone always votes for spirits and Barcode). It was the perfect place after walking from the restaurant. It was cool, quiet, and comfortable. I passed on the wine because Sunday was a working day, but ate most of the ice cream cake. I realized that I’m a cow, like my Chinese zodiac sign; if food is in front of me, I will graze on it until it is gone or taken away.

I think Meow had a good birthday this year. Usually she just says she doesn’t want a party because she doesn’t feel social or wants to save money and refuses to let me buy something for her and instead takes my cash to buy things for herself. That’s one thing, but when my birthday rolls around and I want to have a big party and let her spend a lot of money on me she complains that her birthday sucked or she didn’t get anything special. Duh! You have to have a party and invite people and let your husband buy things for you, otherwise your birthday is just another crappy day in a week of days that aren’t memorable or special.

(This year I bought her a new owl case for her iPhone.)

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