Day 500

Thursday | July 11th, 2013


Walking on scorched earth blooms, under a sun wet and burning in the same moment on all my open skin. Wearing clothes damp and moldy and smelly from not drying properly during the rainy days last week. Toking frictionless molecules of water hanging in each breath of air. Slumbering in the spots of hot, dark daylight before whirs and turns of electric motors. Waiting for a lollygagging wind to come in from the East Sea to spatter on the roof while we have tea and crumpets and natter away about how hot it was.


At work today, I fetched the key and gathered my gear and went to the lab and unlocked the door, but the security system was still enabled at a quarter to nine. Security forgot or someone didn’t get the memo, the screenshot, the .jpg the security girl took of my the negotiated testing schedule. I didn’t fancy carrying all the gear back down to the front gate to try and explain the situation in two broken languages so I weathered, in the hallway. I’d forgotten my water, too. I jiggled the door, trying to look puzzled when people passed, they might’ve had a security card. I went to the end of the hallway and danced under the CCTV before just standing there trying to Jedi mind trick someone in the security booth to remember that a key means nothing if they’re not going to disable the magnet holding the door shut. Then, at last 09.02.42, to give Nag the Woolgatherer some moments and to be certain that NW would answer, I called to nag NW to nag the security office and seconds later I was in.


Testing day was light but with all the little things going wrong in the morning: the test wasn’t right and needed to be fixed and the changes synced across the lab; some machines wouldn’t work properly—one failed to boot; etc. All software and hardware nonsense that happens every computer made more annoying and inconvenient by not being able to get in the lab at the right time. I though I’d be able to get out early because my last slot wasn’t filled, it was same. Same and same. More time just means go slower or do more stuff.

Walking home was sort of brutal (that bit at the top covers it). I spoke with MS about TOEIC stuff, plans for the winter camp, more changes I want to make to our system, and whether there was a chance to actually take the TOEIC test next week. Then Meow and I talked about pizza and she ordered it before I got home.

The thing with this pizza, it’s been so hot that I’ve only been drinking water and banana shakes (sometimes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream) or salads, it was a way to get some other kind of food in me. Mostly I ate the toppings and sweet potato and some of the bread. The rest went to the two beggar bitches outside my door (above, right).


Around 21.00, when I should have been preparing for Friday’s test, I set about to solve the problem of my external drives overheating. They all have fans but since it’s been so hot even using the computer for a few minutes caused the fans to spin at full speed for hours and the drives themselves were very hot. I haven’t been able to listen to music because the whole library is on one of these drives … the same drive with Dropbox. The sequential access means more motor and more heat and that means more fan. Another drive holds ALL of my creative works for the last … since the first computer I had regular contact with—a NEC laptop with Windows 3.1 in 1995. Every Photoshop work, scanned 35mm negatives, every website, every digital shot, and more (but all the writing was moved to Dropbox).

When we came to Gyeongju, I stacked these drives in this pink cubby with those thick memory foam spacers between them, knowing it might be a problem in the summer. But in the flat the drives didn’t get insanely hot like they have been getting in my little hanok room. A room which soaks up all of the sun (and heat) from sunrise until the early afternoon. Because of the heat issues, I keep delaying TOEIC work until around midnight when it’s cooler, but the last few days even that has been just as hot.

I spent about two hours trying different positions with the three drives, experimenting with hanging them, angling them, before ending with this configuration (above). It’s a sort of poor man’s thermal core where the fans are topmost so heat exits naturally and the vents on the bottoms of the drives channel into a brick which absorbs the heat rather than deflecting it like all that pink plastic.

I fell asleep a few times while setting this up and didn’t start working on TOEIC things until around 02.00, and then on it for the next three hours. Not once did any of the three hard drive fans turn on.

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