Day 499

Wednesday | July 10th, 2013


I got up early and made sure I was ready and had some work done before Meow came home from her job so we could head to the appliance store. Our rice cooker conked out a few weeks back (maybe from too many beans and lentils).

We also found ourselves in need of a 3rd fan, so we cabbed over to the appliance store and I immediately darted off to find the tiny USB cable I need to jailbreak the Apple TV that I finally got around to hooking up to our tv once we finally got around to getting an HDTV that would accept the HDMI the Apple TV was serving. But all the store had was regular USB cables, so for me, the trip was a waste. I’d no intention of firing up even a working rice cooker in this summer heat.

Meow, of course, felt totally different. She can’t live for weeks without rice and has been making it the only way I knew how before arriving in Korea, in a pot on the stove with 2:1 water and rice. All the rice cookers look like $300 motorcycle super-shiny helmets (except the ones in the hero image). While I was trying to sort the rice cooker problem, Meow was talking to the sales guy about fans and wanted to know which one I wanted. I didn’t care about this either … a fan is a fan, no?

Meow chose a fan despite my nonchalance and then we were both on the rice cooker thing. We both only like the cosmetics of the small bachelor/bachelorette models and all the family-sized ones were hideous and heavy. We argued and then paid for the fan and left. In the cab we argued some more about the importance of rice, needing a rice cooker, getting an ugly one, spending the hot day going to every place in town to try and find one that was cute and we liked, all the work I had to do, if the appliance store was willing to fix our broken rice cooker for free (since it was purchased there, in Seoul) then why didn’t we have the forethought to bring it with us?, and etc.

At home I looked our broken one over and plugged it in.

It worked just fine.

I remembered that we assumed it was done because the LED panel didn’t come on.

Rice cookers, it seems, are like computers: they get uppity and you just have to cut their life-force for a few days to bring them back in line.

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