Day 494

Friday | July 5th, 2013


The rain came pouring last night while I was working on some file of some kind, cursing myself as I discovered that chopping up student audio files was more complex than I’d thought and was going to be a much less automated process than it needed to be and that it was taking twice as long for each file as I’d hoped.

I’m screwed. This camp will be like the last two where I just work solid days either sitting in a lab or sitting at home playing with students’ audio files. The difference being only that I won’t be listening to them all and assigning some contrived score that carries absolutely zero meaning in the framework that is TOEIC Speaking. Instead, I’ll be desperately trying to cash the check my ass wrote when I said such files could be chopped to the tune of 80 files a day. Eighty files a day, when marked, is 880 individual files. If I can’t automate the process, I’m doomed.


I checked the courtyard when I woke up in the morning (06.45!) and the rain was still gushing and channeling into the network of gutters and tubing that every building surrounding us has and exiting in various places, mostly into our courtyard or garden. But the bricks were under water (above, left). There are drains all over, three in the courtyard, five if one counts the junctions (one for kitchen water and the other for poo). I went out in this rain and got a metal rod—the thing is, Meow keeps putting this plastic cups into the drains to trap doggy hair. This makes sense, but I’m not worried about clogging a four inch pipe with dog hair; a big rock or tennis ball might do it though. Once I jammed the metal rod into the drains and scooped out nasty wet dog hair covered plastic cups, the rain water flowed out easily (above, middle and right).


Going into work and running away from it was the reprieve that had been due on the city, the houses, the streets, and the plants. I wondered if it would rain enough to flood the river again or if the bulldozers had reshaped enough of the riverbed to prevent such flooding from happening again.

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