Day 488

Saturday | June 29th, 2013


We braved Homeplus (top) today on a Saturday afternoon with a cart and cravings and a need to bring gifts and food/drink to a BBQ slash 100 day birthday party. We spent lots on ourselves, didn’t buy nearly enough fruit, stocked up on Meow’s shampoo (something about a sale?), nixed the gift, settled on Homeplus cookies (as close as it gets in Gyeongju to what a cookie is supposed to be) instead of food/drink, and made it out without one of us getting angry at the retarded number of equally hurried and disoriented families or each other. It was a minor miracle.

When we got home GL his girl, BM, came by to see the silkworm cocoons and meet Naughty and Twitchy. BM (hereforth known as American BM, not Canadian BM whose cat I tend), hadn’t been to our place before and had wanted to meet the dogs for a long time. American BM had a love affair with Naughty who hadn’t been held like that by use since he was sick and since he was a puppy before that. He’s gotten too fat to hold for a long time and Meow and I are hip to his shit and much more inclined to pet him or roll him over to scratch his belly than we are to risk back injury picking him up. (Meow has dropped him more than once for this very reason).


The weather has been great, too hot during the day, and nice in the evening. We walked over to our old flat where SJ & SJ still live for the BBQ. The walk was nice, slotted appropriately with picture chances (above, left and right).


This BBQ was going to be similar to last year’s BBQ, only we didn’t have to clean up the roof because the dogs were using it or stress about anything. That was a nice change.

It was great to be on the roof again and see the open sky (above) and the whole lay of Gyeongju (the city). Much of this is missed living in a single-story house sandwiched between two-story homes or other single-story ones that are taller than yours. I would never change it, but the view is still great.


This sunset (above) was better and no app that I used to take a picture of what was there turned out very well. The sun is totally blown out and all depth is lost (real camera alert), making the shot look more like a nuclear detonation than duskfall (or like this).


Nightfall allows you to peer off of the roof and have surveillance like moments of the after dark meanderings of others (above). There is always quality to these, part haunted, part hollow that I like.

Meow and I left after a few hours. She went to bed early like a smart person. I stayed up all night suffering bellyaches from too many Homeplus cookies and burps from my two beers (one Corona and one pale ale). Beer is more disagreeable every time I drink it—so I’ve fired beer. No more beer. Every time after beer is uncomfortable time.

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