Day 486

Thursday | June 27th, 2013


The picture of Twitchy (top) best exemplifies Thursday. I was up most of the night (Wednesday night to Thursday morning) working on TOEIC stuff, then when I needed to go to sleep, I saw the dishes I’d promised Meow would do, then I go in bed and foolishly checked my email.

Damn phone. Damn yahoos. Another special request for shit that wasn’t on the menu. Snarkiness is all I have for nonsense like this and what ensued was condescending replies from yahoos about my professionalism. Yeah … okay. To me, professionalism is when you have a meeting and participate in group discussion and decision making, and in that meeting when everyone agrees on a schedule, you don’t ask to change it five days later because of your special circumstances. Professionalism means the thought process which prompted the asking never even starts in your fucking mind because the decision has already been made with you and agreed upon by you.

These things are lost on yahoos. As the replies got a bit nastier, I realized what I’ve always known, relearned many times, usually forget, and almost always take for granted: no one fucking gives a flying fucking shit about your fucking logistical problems.

The same way the yahoos don’t care at all that it would take two hours (if I’m lucky) to get the lab together two days early just to run two simulation tests for 15 minutes each (in different parts of the day) and then more time after that to deliver the audio files I promised in the meeting or the time it would take out of my material building time to bathe, dress, get to work, and return home … the same way the yahoos don’t care about any of this, I don’t care one iota about their classes, their changing lesson plans, their realizations, etc. This is as it should be; two departments not giving a shit about the nuances of the other. The way they work together though, has to be efficient. To do this, they have meetings and agree on schedules and dates and timelines and processes. Ignoring that … earns you yahoo distinction.

I couldn’t sleep for a long time. I was just way too pissed off. Days of working and ignoring my family and beautiful weather to have my department, my one-man department ready on time (July 2) to begin test simulations for 80 students per day for the ten days of the camp that nine of ten people working in the camp agreed upon in advance (remember, one yahoo didn’t show up) interrupted with the usual TOEIC bickering and now my messed up sleep.


When I got up it was just another day (a pissed off sort of day). Another block of hours delving into TOEIC resources to build more materials or writing transcripts for old resources or organizing the mess in general. I was on the computer most of the day. There was no walking the dogs. There was no rain either.

There was a three-hour sideline where I solved an ongoing issue with Excel. It’s tempting to say sidelines are wastes of time, but I look at them as learning how to solve something I going to be working on later (usually a few months later). The color problem (above, left) isn’t interfering with my TOEIC work, but it is seriously screwing up another ongoing project that I use every week during regular classes. Other people use that project too, but no one has reported the color problem.

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