Day 483

Monday | June 24th, 2013


Whatever I kept saying on Saturday seemed to fall away or maybe I was so tired I didn’t actually say it, but just thought that I did. Hmm. I was certain I’d said that I’d be happy to do TOEIC level testing all day on Monday, twice. But come Monday, I only had to roll in for the orientation and say, “Hi” to the students. No level testing required.

TOEIC is an internal bickerfest and much more bickery this camp than the last camp. The last thing I need is some yahoo thinking I’m not pulling my share of the tedious stuff.

Sure enough though, some yahoo crossed my path as I lingered outside on the deck talking with KC, HC, and PP instead of walking home on this beautiful day. The yahoo yells to me, “Why the fuck weren’t you level testing?” The yahoo is angry because the yahoo had to level test in the morning and afternoon (for consistency), something which I had volunteered for knowing that this yahoo and some compadres weren’t going to wanna do it. The PDF just isn’t The PDF without a lot of yahoos bitching about things like work, working hard, pitching in, planning, working on a team, and other fun stuff while acting like they’re doing it ALL … ALONE. And my favorite PDF performance is the one where things change and the yahoos get upset because the change fucks with their more important shit (the not work stuff). The scorpion resists … “Why the fuck weren’t you at the workshop I killed myself to prepare for and to be at?”


I did finally quit lingering and talking long after KC left the scene and when HC was finally ready to go home. PP and I walked home together. I said the day was beautiful and I meant it; a shot of the Gyeongju I loved last summer, the thesis of Gyeongju Dreamland (above). We talked about food, realizing we’d sat much of the day under coniferous trees joking and laughing about work, life, families, software, business ideas, learning Korean, teaching privates, and psychotic coworkers and their ninja-like stalking abilities. Hunger had set in fiercely. I called Meow and the three of us made a plan to go eat some pig later on.

After dinner we went to Baskin Robbins and walked out with a ‘family’ tub of ice cream to devour at the house. When PP left and Meow went back to the living room, I started on the mess known as TOEIC testing.

There is a lot I want to accomplish this week and I’ll be spending most of my days and nights working on it and it’s all for the camp. What I know is that this needs doing and it’s important to me … and that yahoo … that yahoo ain’t gonna be this busy.

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