Day 482

Sunday | June 23rd, 2013


I woke up around 15.00 or 16.00 or sometime afterwards. I remembered cat almost immediately. Cat. I was supposed to feed and love Cat. BM was in Hong Kong for the weekend and yesterday I slept all dang day and so Cat was left to his own devices for food, water, and companionship.


After showering, dressing, and eating—because sleeping for 20+ hours always leaves me famished—I left with my laptop to sit with Cat and be the caregiver I completely forgot to be yesterday.

Cat was fine. He didn’t give much of a shit that I was there after I flushed the toilet for him (he is toilet trained). He purred and I gave him fresh food and water. Mostly he stayed away. He barely played with the toys I waved around. He spent a lot of time in the window sill looking out at the hanok across the street (above, left). In that courtyard was a persistently meowing cat going on and on and on about something. The world was just not being the right kind of world for this particular cat and meowing was his way of letting everyone know. This house has another cat who, like Cat, just stared at crazy-meowing cat for a long time.


I left dejectedly after a few hours of my love being refuted and not writing. At home, I tried to see Meow as much as possible. For some reason, my body shutdown for like 20 hours and slept. For Meow, it’s like I went out of town for a day or two and we need to catch up.

Silkworms were foremost in our discussion; more of them had begun to cocoon themselves (above) for the long journey to mothdom, mating, and death. We watched a little tv together and I played with the dogs a lot. They think I leave for a day or two after I’ve been gone for an hour, so for them, I’d been gone a week.

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Daily Report

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This Old Hanok

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