Day 481

Saturday | June 22nd, 2013


I slept maybe one or two hours. Or maybe I couldn’t sleep at all. The effect was the same. I rose, somehow, pulled on a shirt and some pants—the shirt being of the NoMeansNo, Kill Everyone Now variety. Perfect for knowing you’ll be standing in front of people who are going to be confrontational during your presentation because they fear order, change, losing control, new things, and everything else that tastes different from yesterday or the day before.

I probably looked really strung out. I meant to drink some coffee or eat a tea bag, but totally forgot about it trying to get out the door and be on time. I had maybe two minutes to spare with some sustenance and left empty handed.

In my office, a tad early thanks to the cab ride, I got my water bottle and filled it somewhat up. MS has one of those sleepy voices, slow and alternating triple monotones. I think I had to chew on my tongue to stay awake. And constantly drink water. And type whatever was being said.

My presentation was alright because I spent time practicing it in my head the night before. There was also confrontation and not where I expected it, but it still came down to the same shit: fear and an unwillingness to be more organized and responsible for one’s shit in the TOEIC program. I dropped some of the exciting stuff to weave through nonsense like this.


We took a break sometime in there and I wandered up to the roof of the building. It wasn’t what I expected (above, right). I wanted to explore more and take a lot more pictures. I took just the one so I would have a reason to go back there on a nicer day when the sun was casting clean shadows and I wasn’t about to fall over. The other picture (above, left) … I don’t remember taking, but there it is. Same day, same place, almost same time.


There was some more workshop and some more of some other stuff—I was too tied to take notes. When we split up for more specific teacher training, I split. There was just no way I was going to be able to stay awake much longer. It was either stay and then sleep in my office, or leave, then, with the my reserve energy and get home to crash in a bed. On the way home, I took another picture I don’t remember taking (above).

I sat on the couch in my room and was gone within minutes of taking off my shoes.

The Daily Bullet

My shot, wireframe donut. I want a donut.


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