Day 480

Friday | June 21st, 2013


I did everything as it was ordained laid out the day before. Things were xed off the list as my morning went along and I expected to be out as planned, but … “officially enter the grades for all six of my classes in the university‚Äôs system” didn’t work. I kept getting an error message that I took to mean the system was overloaded with cranky professors trying to bang everything in and blow out on the Friday of the last day of the semester, like me. Eventually, I figured out that I had the CAPS LOCK on and that was what was preventing me from logging in. Once that was sorted, the process of checking and double-checking and “put those gradesheets into my portfolio” took a lot longer as well.

I finally turned everything (hero image, top) in around 15.00 and went home. Done, done, done, done done duh done-done!


In the evening, Meow and I met up with PP for some birthday beers with GL which turned out to be gin and tonics at barcode. And then ice cream cake was added into the fray and it was devoured mostly by piggy me and piggy PP. I ate all of those stars on top (above).

There was to be a second outing, but I bowed out early to walk Meow home and prepare a .ppt for the TOEIC workshop that would eat up my Saturday. This .ppt file took about four hours too long to make even with all the ideas lined up in my head. Most of that time was spent making extra slides to tackle the stupid questions that were going to be asked the more in-depth I got with making the slides concerning the direction I was taking with testing and why.

I don’t remember what time I went to bed …

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