Day 476

Monday | June 17th, 2013


PP had this private business executive who was unbearably unhappy and eventually fired PP even though her materials and teaching were solid. In discussion with the company that held the contract, PP recommended me as a replacement. On Monday, I was to meet the account manager and then we would go out to meet the exec for a preliminary interview.

This made Monday a tight day. I wore casual clothes to work, got out later than I wanted to, walked home in the blistering heat (really worried that I would either burn or blister again), and got home with only about 28 minutes to cool down and change into a suit. But that was quickly nixed because it was hot and the humidity was over 70%. I went with suit pants, a cotton dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a nice tie. In my bag, a t-shirt to mop up my excessive sweat.


I met DS at About Coffee and he seemed like an alright guy. In the drive over to Siemens, we had some cool conversations. At Siemens, the exec made us wait (above). When she came out, she didn’t say anything to me and was awkward. She demanded a demo lesson—something not outside possibility, but something that would need to be winged. I had some things with me (hat tip to T. who gave me a crash course in teaching 11 years ago, I’ll never forget, “Always have something.” he told me).

The exec couldn’t be made happy. She was everything PP had been complaining about for weeks before being fired. She was the kind of student who thinks her English is much better than it is and won’t admit when something is beyond her comprehension. She probably thought her TOEIC Speaking level was 6 or 7, but really it was more like 3 or 4 (what kind of materials do you think I brought?).


The whole gig tanked before it even got off the ground. I sat outside the building messaging PP while DS had a long talk with the student inside the building (above). DS was really frustrated with the student’s attitude and not being able to find a teacher for her in Gyeongju and for firing PP and for refusing me. Both of us are good teachers and know what the fuck we are doing, but the exec hated us. Oh well.

DS had to stay overnight in Gyeongju and wanted to buy me dinner for “wasting my time”—even though I didn’t see it that way. For me, I meet a cool person (DS) who bought me an affogato (at About Coffee), then gave me a ride in a spiffy Jaguar out into a part of Gygeongju I hadn’t been to before. I got to photograph new things and talk about interesting stuff with someone I can relate too. My time was not wasted at all.

We met up with PP back at the hanok and DS left to find a room out at Bomun Lake. PP and I set into the vodka and coke left over from the river party and talked about the exec and PDF gossip and about the exec more. When DS got back we at 닭갈비 and then went for three bowls of honey makgeolli. It was a great evening and my time was so far from wasted, I was surprised that it turned out like it did at all.

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