Day 475

Sunday | June 16th, 2013


I went back out to the countryside for another round of fencing. Sunburn and skin sensitivity were foremost on my mind last night, this morning, and much of the day. I could have stayed home and done not much of anything, but there was more to do and I still wanted to help. It’s not like I had many chances to build fences over the years—Korea is absolutely insular in many ways and most kinds of home improvement were so nonexistent for so many years that I really do miss stuff like building a fence.

Having a family and a place of my own changed a lot of that, but in little stages. We’re busy paying off loans and not much in the home improvement sector at the moment save for the little things. So this is also a chance to learn new stuff which could be very useful later.


As last Sunday was about whacking poles into the ground, this Sunday was about using right-angled clamps to tie all those poles together (above, left). There was a fair amount of whacking, pushing, pulling, and weight shifting for this stage of fencing. For some reason, unknown to DH, when the pilot poles were put into the ground the line was crooked and a few of the pilots went in at angles. This is a learning experience for DH, too—he already has ideas about how to build his next fence.

The heat and sun were always on my mind. In contrast to the black Melt Banana t-shirt I wore last week, I had on a white long sleeve shirt, a baseball hat, sunglasses, and a sports towel wrapped around my neck and tucked into the shirt. This made me over heat easily and gush buckets of sweat much of the day. This was the trade off for being out and working in the sun midday in above 32° weather. Each cloud (above, right) was a welcome dream from a faraway wish.

Towards the afternoon though, these clothes didn’t protect me well enough and I layered on the sunscreen. This trapped sweat in my pores and made me overheat faster. It got to the point where my skin blistered up in a few spots on my arms (a symptom of heatstroke). If there is to be a next time, I’ll need to get more rest (didn’t sleep much the night before), eat a better breakfast (I had a cheese sandwich with cheese and ketchup), and drink a lot more water before leaving the house (it’s not enough to hydrate while working, I have to come to the party hydrated in the first place).


We walked to DH’s from the farm for lunch. This time they fed me pork cutlet, salad, and spaghetti carbonara. The goats were just as friendly as last time. And I still can’t get over how affectionate and curious they are (above, right). I remembered the goat cheese this time and DH and his wife packed me off with a bag of vegetables and a giant mutant carrot (which I forgot to take a picture of).

The Daily Bullet

I need to get me a saw like this …


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