Day 474

Saturday | June 15th, 2013


I knew there was going to be construction in the morning. I knew Meow wanted me to be up for some reason and I fought it, in my own way. And Meow fought back, in her own way.

I ended up getting up at 08.28 to let Super Reno-guy in, only he drove off before I could get to the gate. When he did comeback and Meow was back from her errand, I was consulted about two things which I didn’t need to be consulted about because I totally trust Meow’s decisions (here).


I was still a little bitter at being up way before I was ready to be awake and then Meow was going to go shovel up the pieces of our last minute bathroom window along the backside of the house. I shouldn’t let Meow do things, especially the things I said I would do … so into the gap sleepy boy went.

It was an easy task, like it was going to be all along. It was more that we didn’t want a bag of cement sitting around doing nothing and being in the way. I also was unwilling to let Reno-guy do it after all the trouble he caused and all the money he was charging us and being a dick for weeks telling us what we wanted—on top of our very specific choices.


Part of the deal today was that Super Reno-guy would take the bag of cement along with all the other scraps (above). Because of this, I got a broom and really swept up the space and probably got rid of some dog hair in the process.

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